About us

Located at Longkou City, a beautiful coastal city in Shangdong Province, China,Longkou Bee Forage Co., Ltd.is a new-type enterprise characterized by theintegration of research and development, production and sales with bee forageproduction as its leading business.With standard factory and internationallyadvanced automatic production line, the company has maintained rapid andhealthy development since its establishment and rapidly earned itself a hiahreputation and position in the field of bee field relying on first-class product qualityand now, beina widely acclaimed by beekeepers, our products have maintained abestseller at both home and abroad.

After a comprehensive analysis and research on natural pollen, our companyhas produced two kinds of bee forages with high nutrition value and greatpalatability according to pollen nutrition compositions and nutrition demands fobee qrowth, namely pollen substitute and bee bread, both of which are the bestsubstitutes for bee pollen, and at present, such products are mainly classified intotwo kinds (pasty bee bread and powdery bee forage) and three models.

Without any chemical. preservative or transgenic ingredient,our products have acquired a high reputation at home and abroad in terms of public praise and quality and acknowledged and accepted by both Chinese and foreign counterparts,thanks to which our export sales can reach more than 8,000 tons annually.